Antiques Etc... Antique Mall is home to over 30 of Colorado's best Antique dealers with over 8,000 square feet from unique antiques to Retro, Art, Jewelry, Glassware, Vintage Clothes, Shabby Chic and quality collectibles.



Explore the opportunities of owning your own business at Antique’s Etc...



Starter Booth:


Our starter booth offers you everything you need to get started to displaying your items.

This is the opportunity to sample your products while keeping your cost down.

Our starter booths are located on the basement level, from an 8 X 10 space on up.

Enterprise Booth:

Our Enterprise booth includes everything from the Starter booth, but is located on our Main Floor and Mezzanine level. This level is the most viewed area.

We charge 10% commission on sales and 3% for credit card charges.


  • Open year-round, seven days a week

  • Excellent location near downtown Denver in a High-Traffic area

  • E-Mall On-Line Shopping Available (eBay Store)

  • No work day requirements for dealers

  • You, the dealer, are not required to be present to make sales

  • You are paid for sales monthly (detailed statement included with check)

  • Month to Month lease agreements

  • We collect and remit all sales tax

  • Electronic security and video surveillance systems to discourage theft

  • Advertising for you online and in local papers etc

  • Provide bags and tissue for in store sales

  • Friendly knowledgeable sales staff

  • Monthly computerized bookkeeping, statements and paychecks

Frequently asked questions:

"Do I need to be in my booth to ring up my sales?" No. Antique’s Etc... Antique Mall takes care of ringing up all sales. You will be assigned a booth number, and you will need to put this number on your price tags. Our computerized system will keep a record of your sales.

"How do I lease a booth?" It’s very simple with our month to month lease. To enter into a lease, you will need to provide your first month's rent, plus a security deposit equal to one month's rent. Rent is due on the 5th of each month, and any portion of a month is prorated.

"How do I pay rent?" Rent payments may be dropped off at the store, or you may mail your rent to Antique’s Etc... Antique Mall 5736 E. Colfax, Denver CO 80220. Please include your vendor number on your check.

"Do you allow dealers to bring in manufactured items?" Antiques Etc… Antique Mall is just that, an ANTIQUE MALL. The only exception to this rule will be modern items generally recognized in the collectibles field as collectibles and “faithful” reproductions (which are marked accordingly).

"What kind of security system do you use?" We have invested many thousands of dollars in the installation and continuing upgrade of state-of-the-art anti-theft equipment, including closed-circuit TV systems, security tags for individual items, and a point-of-sale/front-door sensor system. We have also trained our staff to recognize and investigate suspicious behavior.

"Are dealers required to work at the store?" No. There is absolutely no dealer work required, other than keeping your booth stocked, CLEANED AND ORGANIZED!

"When may I stock my booth?" You may stock your booth during normal business hours.

"I live out of town and I am unable to come in regularly to stock my booth. How do I keep my booth serviced when I'm so far away?" Antique’s Etc... Antique Mall offers to its out-of-town dealers a $10 monthly fee setup and maintenance program. Just ship your merchandise in and we'll do the rest!

"How does the layaway program work?" When a customer puts an item in layaway, we require that 30% of the total purchase be paid at that time, and the customer signs an agreement that the layaway will be paid in full within 60 days. We then place the items in a special storage area, to remain until the balance is paid. You are paid for the item as each payment is made.

E-Mall On-Line Available (eBay Store)

"What is E-Mall On-Line?"

E-Mall offers our dealers an online opportunity to sale their products though the use of our successful eBay store. To increase your product visibility we will post and sale your items on eBay until it sale. We charge 15% plus eBay fees on items we sell thought eBay. Participating in this program will allow you to sell your products and turn it into cash.


  • Managed by Antique’s Etc...

  • Positive Feedback rating of 99.6%

  • Post and Manage inquires

  • We provide shipping and Handling

  • We do the work and you, collect the money

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