Vintage Clothing

A Treasure Trove of Mid Modern and Antique Items

Antiques Etc. is one of the best antique shops located in Denver, CO. The store is home to over 50+ antique dealers in the state. Whether you are interested in turn of the century decorative items, art nouveau style of vintage antiques, jewelry, furniture, art, collectibles, or more – you can find them all at Antiques Etc.

If you love hunting for rare and vintage treasures, you will certainly love shopping at Antiques Etc. You will find lots of hidden gems on display at the store. The items are spread over three floors including basement, first, and second floor. You may have to dedicate your entire afternoon if you want to go through all the antique items sold at the store.

Mid Modern and Antique Decorative Items

Antiques Etc. sells a wide variety of functional and restored decorative fixtures. The turn of the century decorative pieces can complement both Victorian and modern style buildings. You are sure to impress your guests with the high quality deco items bought from the store.

Vintage Clothing

On almost all of the 2nd floor of the store, you will find a wide variety of vintage clothes from the 40s through the 90s. You can find vintage inspired dresses, tops, swimwear, outwear, and more. Whether you are looking for casual or formal vintage clothing, you will find it all.

Antique Furniture

On all 3 levels of the store is a treasure trove of antique furniture. You can find many different types of mid modern and vintage furniture items. You can find Victorian era coffee tables, TV stands, sofas, sectionals, and more in lots of styles. The best thing about the vintage furniture items is that they are reasonably priced so you’re sure to get a great deal on collector’s items.

Classic Jewelry Items

You can find a curative selection of classic jewelry items and accessories at the store.  Whether you are looking for a charming pendant, earring, necklace, or bracelet, you can find one according to your liking and budget.

Seeing is Believing

Antiques Etc. has been around for almost 30 years.  The store has become somewhat of a landmark in the city. The current owners have managed the store since 2013 and focus on constantly improving customer experience.

The friendly staff at the store are always willing to help customers and guide them in selecting the best items. You are bound to be amazed by all the deco and nouveau style of vintage antiques on display at the store.

Now that you know about all the treasures on display at Antiques Etc., why not pay a visit to the store in Denver today.